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Musician’s Getaway in East Nashville

I am on my way to Nashville again, and I booked my stay in an Airbnb!  And that’s reminding me of this cute bungalow I rented on a previous visit.  When I started exploring options for lodging to attend a conference in Nashville, I quickly realized I couldn’t afford to be downtown, nor did I really want to be amidst all the action. Because I am a huge fan of Airbnb, I decided to take the opportunity to explore the surrounding neighborhoods and came upon this darling cottage in East Nashville.  I was unfamiliar with the location as I am still learning Nashville neighborhoods, but I decided to take a chance and book it.

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Summertime Mantel Decor

They say that August is the Sunday of summer and boy am I sure feeling that this year. And I might even say that August is Sunday morning and September is Sunday night, ha! Summer usually comes a little late in Ohio and this year was no different, including rainfall until the end of June really. What that means is that summer feels like it’s in full swing right now and not ending anytime soon. I pretty much love all things fall but given 75F days versus rain, I will take the sunny day. And what that means is that I usually have my fall decorations, my Christmas decorations up all later than everyone else.

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3 Ways to Bring Spring Indoors

I am actually one of those people who like winter. I love to see snow softly falling against a backdrop of winter trees. I love to curl up by the fireplace with a good book or movie and watch the snow swirl around outside. But after a few months of it and when “the melt” starts to happen and turns that beautiful white snow into a pile of brown, muddy nastiness, I’m ready to see some leaves push through and turn my world green again. Ideally we would go from pristine snowy landscapes to lush green with floral blooms everywhere! But alas, that won’t happen in Ohio. And so we push through and wait for that first blade of grass or that first bloom of a hyacinth or forsythia to spring to life. And until then we just have to simulate it in our homes and will it into existence just a bit sooner! Today I wanted to share 3 ways to bring some spring into your home and get a jump on the season…

1. Style a sitting area

Have you ever shopped your own home? Walk around the house, pull pieces from other rooms, choose bright colors and cheerful accessories and spruce up a plain corner. I have a relatively new settee in the front bay window that I haven’t focused on much. I move it out of the way when we put the tree up and once that’s gone, I toss a few pillows I like onto it. But for spring, I pulled some brighter pillows from another room, added a rug from our bedroom, and pulled in a lamp from another room in the house. Et voila! …a cute as a button nook to listen to music and welcome spring.








2. Channel nature and Easter

Easter is the main holiday in spring (other than St. Patrick’s Day!) and elements of the holiday can take center stage when thinking spring in our decor. For example, a little Spanish moss draped onto simply stacked grapevine wreaths remind me of a bird’s nest so it’s fun to add some speckled eggs (these are plastic) and why not a green “moss-covered” bird! I wanted my little bird to rest on something higher up and found these candle holders at the craft store for 90% off but definitely not my style. Spray paint to the rescue in a little antique bronze covered them up beautifully and now they look like metal candlesticks! Balancing with a bronze metal church candle holder I bought years ago, Easter can subtly be represented.

Before and After

Before and After





I am not normally a fan of fake greenery but in March in Ohio, fresh is still hard to come by (at least from my yard!). I wanted to keep with the elements of nature, so I used an inexpensive grapevine wreath and attached a ranunculus garland that hints at the real thing. And a few picks in simple glass bottles found at Target can also pass as real until I can find spring in my yard. 🙂 I fashioned a bow out of some gray ribbon I had and wired it to the wreath.




3. Add some “springy” wall art!

I’ve been wanting to make this wall art project for awhile – a frame with chicken wire behind a letter. I found an inexpensive unfinished frame, spray painted it white, and attached chicken wire to the back with a staple gun. I used a cardboard letter “K” that I spray painted with my favorite antique bronze color and also stapled it to the chicken wire. And then I wanted flowers. At first I attached some Dollar Store flowers that I thought would give it the pop of color I wanted for spring, but they just looked too cheap (alas, my fake greenery dilemma).

Dollar Store flower fail

Dollar Store flower fail

So I decided to just simplify with a little leftover greenery from my wreath and my sister gave me an idea to add a little bird’s nest here (made from a tiny grapevine wreath and Spanish moss). But what to do for tiny eggs? Aha, Easter candy to the rescue – yes, these are chocolate Cadbury mini eggs! Because I may want to re-purpose this frame in the future, I just threaded the greenery sprig through the chicken wire and rested the nest on top. Hung in my front entry way, I love how it just hints that spring is on its way!




This wall art idea is so adaptable, I could hang it on my front door. I could prop it on the mantle. I could swap embellishments with something beachy for summer. I could add a ribbon/bow. Let your imagination go and vary it how you like!

And there you have it – three ideas on how to bring spring indoors in your home.

Happy decorating!

Deck the Halls – Front Entry and Parlor

The living room always gets the most of my focus as that and the kitchen are the places we mostly congregate at our house. But I’ve always loved the open and spacious front entry in our house and the little parlor room where we put the piano – so now it’s the music room, of course. Join me on this Christmas Eve as I enjoy the fruits of my decorating labor and settle in for Christmas with family and friends.

The bay window is the perfect place to put our big tree with all of our collected ornaments over the years. One can never have too many skate ornaments…
I love this René Magritte ornament we got in Belgium last year to hang out with Hermey from Rudolph…

But that means the cute sofa I got for the bay window has to move to the hallway for the season. But that’s okay. It’s a cushy place to take off boots or just sit and listen to music being played or sung in the music room. I love my Canadian Banff ski poster with a pair of vintage skis.
And did I mention I can’t get enough skates?! Black, white, brown – they all remind me of many winters in Canada skating in our back yard or elsewhere. Yes, I said backyard – we had a water drainage ditch running behind our house that always froze in winter. My dad would clear the ice with hot water, prop up a big industrial light, and create our very own skating rink where we would skate and skate well into the cold winter nights!

I love this old sheet music I got from a friend hung on a ladder from Rust & Found – it creates a nice border around the bay window and link to the tree.

Snowmen and Santas always seem to pop up in unusual spots and add a little whimsy to the house…



And I have a collection of felted “ornaments” to hang on every door possible!

Thanks for joining me on this tour. I hope your holidays are not too crazy and you’re getting to enjoy some silent nights and tidings of joy! Check out some other holiday decorating ideas from my Living Room or this vintage holiday bar cart!

Blessings to you and yours. 🙂