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The Places You’ll Go

Summers at the Lake

The RV jostled and bounced with each rock and bump as our family made its way down the gravel road to Canoe Lake. We were tired, we were ready for the cool lake water and fresh smell of pines and woody air. We eagerly anticipated long boat rides exploring hidden coves on the lake and languid dinners grilling fish on the fire and sharing tall stories. This was summer vacation in my home province of Saskatchewan, Canada. My dad, an avid fisherman, sought out the best lakes for walleye (his favorite) and took us all with him on fishing and camping adventures throughout the province. Canoe Lake, even though remote and only accessible via tiresome gravel roads, was his first choice, and each year we made our trek – family, RV, and boat – to this little haven.

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How to Pack Light for Spring in France

Ahh, travel, wanderlust, seeing new places, revisiting the old… love it all! But packing for Europe can be a very stressful, time-consuming process when agonizing between comfort vs style, unlimited space vs carry-on, etc. In America, you can throw some sneakers and flip-flops in your bag with some T-shirts, jeans and shorts and be good to go! Europe is a little different. They tend to shy away from white sneakers, shorts (you may see men in capris), and flip-flops.

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