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12 Days of Projects – Day 12 DIY Advent Calendar

And we are here – Day 12 of the 12 Days of Projects – Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I started this venture on November 16 wanting to really commit to getting some craft projects done for myself, gifts for others, or things for selling at my friend’s shop, Moonstruck CLE. Thank you so much for coming along and sharing this mini journey. I have had a great time and got in gear for the holidays. Today I get to relax and eat turkey and pumpkin pie. Tomorrow I can move on to decorating for Christmas!

Today I’m sharing a project I actually made last year but it takes us so perfectly into the Christmas season, a DIY Advent Calendar, I wanted to share. The origins of advent calendars have to do with anticipating Christmas, the largest Christian holiday of the year. The days are Dec 1 – 24 and are marked off one by one with maybe a small bible verse (if solely religious) or treat (to mix in a little secular) to build the anticipation for the ultimate day, December 25.

Kraft small envelopes
Rhinestone stickers
Round cardstock paper pieces (I bought round tags at the craft store)
Mini clothespins
Mini cards
Screw eyes (these are screws with a round “eye” at the top – I needed these as I wanted to hang my advent calendar on a wall under trim).
Photo Nov 26, 12 12 24 PM
This project is really simple, it’s just a little time-consuming…
1. Glue the round tags to the Kraft envelopes.
2. Stick the rhinestone stickers at the top of the round cardstock (over the holes in my case).
3. Cut two pieces of twine to accommodate your envelopes.
4. Screw the two screw eyes tightly into the angle of the trim and wall.
5. Thread the twine through each side and tie tightly.
6. Attach all the envelopes using the clothespins.
Photo Nov 26, 12 20 49 PM
And now we get to fill the envelopes! Because it’s just my husband and me in our household, we decided to alternate days to give each other advent gifts. And our “gifts” were notes written on cards (with maybe a small piece of candy or trinket) with one of two themes: (1) a favorite memory from the current year; or (2) an idea for an outing or date in the new year. I really enjoyed this addition to our holiday season and how it encouraged us to reflect on the current year and make plans for the new year. Have fun with it and create your own traditions. 🙂
Photo Nov 26, 12 24 21 PM
Photo Nov 27, 11 37 51 AM
Photo Nov 26, 12 36 03 PM
Photo Nov 26, 12 34 58 PM
And thanks again for hanging out with me on my 12 Days of Projects! I hope you were inspired to do some creating yourself or at least enjoyed seeing some fun things. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and blessed holiday season. Talk to you again soon. 🙂

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  • Linda

    These are great Hope! Love the ideas & your presentation of them…Advent calendar idea was awesome. I just buy those chocolate ones at Aldi’s 🙂

    December 3, 2014 at 11:01 pm Reply
    • Hope

      Thanks, Linda. And chocolate is always good! I often include a little piece with my notes. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

      December 4, 2014 at 1:51 pm Reply

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