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12 Days of Projects – Day 7 Etched Glass

Hi, friends! I feel like yesterday was hump day of the ‘ol 12 Days of Projects and we’re keepin’ on truckin’ with Day 7. Today I want to share a fun project that is really super easy and quick and has … lots of possibilities. I say that a lot, don’t I. 🙂 But anyone who appreciates hard-core etching, like sandblasting done by Leandra Drumm, will appreciate the simplicity of this technique. We’re going to use a product called Armour Etch to create some customized glassware.

Armour Etch
Stencil (preferably peel and stick)
Photo Nov 21, 8 44 19 AM
Step 1. Prepare your stencil and adhere it to the glass. Peel and stick stencils are great because they allow less seep on the edging of the stencil and produce a cleaner line.
Photo Nov 21, 7 25 54 PM
Step 2. Open the Armour Etch and using your brush, dab on the etching cream to the etching area.
Photo Nov 21, 7 26 57 PM
Step 3. Wait. The instructions say 1 minute, but I feel like 5 minutes gives it a denser result. About 3 minutes in, move the etching cream around to make sure it’s spread evenly on the stencil.
Step 4. After 5 minutes are up, wash the glass/stencil in warm water in the sink.
Photo Nov 21, 7 32 52 PM
Photo Nov 21, 7 33 52 PM
Step 5. Remove your stencil and voilå – you have etched glassware customized how you want!
Photo Nov 21, 7 35 07 PM
Photo Nov 21, 7 47 30 PM
Photo Nov 21, 7 41 39 PM
Maybe use your initials or a favorite symbol or create a collection with a theme like game night, etc. Whatever you do, have fun!

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