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12 Days of Projects – Day 9 Cocoa Gift Mugs

After yesterday’s “giant” project of figuring out every option possible for printing on fabric (phew!), I’m super taking it down a notch for Day 9 of the 12 Days of Projects. Today I’m making cute and simple (with infinite variations possible!) Cocoa Gift Mug sets… or coffee or tea or or or…

Mugs (or tea cups/saucers, wine glasses, anything!)
Cocoa (or coffee or tea, you get the idea. If you’re an over-achiever, make your own hot cocoa mix. There are tons of recipes on the interwebs – I just went with Starbucks cocoa packets for these.)
Ornaments, candy canes (or spoons or marshmallows or…)
Twine (or ribbon or wire or…)
Cellophane bags
Gift basket filler
Photo Nov 16, 9 38 15 AM
Open cellophane bag, insert cocoa and candy canes.
Tie bag shut with twine.
Hook ornament onto twine.
Fill mug with gift basket filler. Badabing, badaboom! Could not be easier.
Photo Nov 16, 9 37 03 AM
Photo Nov 16, 9 33 05 AM
These are great as small gifts for a Christmas exchange, teachers, mailman, etc. Have fun creating, my friends!

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