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Easy DIY Mini-Pumpkin Fall Wreath

Who’s ready for fall? I love summer, but it has been a hot one and I love the cool nights and warm days of fall. And it’s my favorite time of year for decorating! I’m not a huge fan of giant, fluffy, fake flower wreaths, but I do like simple and classic wreaths on my doors, etc. preferably using real materials. So I had an idea to make a very simple grapevine wreath with just a few supplies from the craft store.

The supplies for this wreath are not always easy to find, but they are natural or natural-looking, exactly what I wanted for this project.  They include (1) putka pods which are the real term for these little seeds that look like mini pumpkins, (2) acorns (I opted for resin ones which look real but are more durable than natural), and (3) preserved moss for a touch of green.

If I can do this, anyone can do it! Let’s go!


Mini pumpkins aka putka pods


Grapevine wreath

Preserved moss

Mini glue gun


While there is no right or wrong to the design of this wreath or the placement of supplies, I decided to do a random but relatively even spaced design using the pods, moss, and acorns.

  1. I started with the moss as a layering element to which I might want to attach a pod or acorn. Heat the glue gun and carefully apply the moss with the hot glue to the wreath, being careful not to burn yourself as the glue can seep through the moss.
  2. Place pieces how you like and continue with the pods and then the acorns.
  3. Let the glue and the wreath dry completely before hanging.

That’s it!

Now you just have to decide where to hang. Or maybe you should make another one for a friend!

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