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Fall House Tour

I hear Christmas music in the stores. I see Christmas ads on TV. I see trees and decorations going up. But I, for one, am not ready to quit on fall. Maybe that’s because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – one where the very purpose of the holiday is about gathering together with family or friends to give thanks and show gratitude – oh, and eat turkey and all the fixin’s, too. 🙂 I am one who won’t put up my tree or any Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. Of course, I’m also from Canada, and if we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, you might think that would leave a lot more time. And yet, I just can’t do it until after American Thanksgiving. I want Fall to get its just due. I want it to be honored and treasured. And November is not just a shoulder month between Halloween and Christmas. It is a month to savor, to consider gratitude deeply, and to reflect … a time to balance the change of the seasons with creating room for stillness in our lives. It’s time to pull out the winter sweaters, light some candles or a fire, and cozy up to apple cider drinks and soups. Oh and there must be pumpkins… lots of pumpkins.  So come on in and join me for a “fall/November house tour”.  🙂

I have an impressionistic painting of fall trees I like to put on the fireplace this time of year. An old scale, still loving my old window, and a little “give thanks” banner welcome the season (I made it into a free printable download if you want to make one yourself). I love my old bowling pins (from Yellow Door Goods) and vintage porcelain glove molds (found at the Burton Antiques Market).

Photo Nov 02, 3 15 14 PM

Photo Nov 02, 3 20 46 PM

Photo Nov 02, 3 21 42 PM

Photo Nov 02, 3 21 19 PM

Photo Nov 02, 3 21 08 PM

Photo Nov 02, 3 19 03 PM

Photo Nov 02, 3 18 18 PM

Photo Nov 02, 3 16 55 PM

The front foyer, music room, and kitchen also get their fair share of pumpkins and decorations, too. I like to mix fresh pumpkins with any other kind of pumpkin (glass, cloth, wood, ceramic, etc). And I don’t limit decor changes to flat surfaces – walls are fair game, too!

Photo Nov 08, 10 10 14 AM

Photo Nov 08, 10 17 03 AM

Photo Nov 08, 10 20 08 AM

Photo Nov 08, 10 21 39 AM

Photo Nov 08, 10 26 12 AM

Photo Nov 08, 10 30 55 AM

Photo Nov 08, 10 31 41 AM

Photo Nov 08, 11 13 40 AM

Thank you for joining me on this tour. May your November be full of peace, joy, and thanksgiving. 🙂

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