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French Mojito, Oui Oui

French Mojito

I think it might be time for another fun summertime drink.  Who’s ready for a mojito?!  Moi, s’il vous plait.  Hey, what is a mojito anyways?  A most delicious cocktail drink made with lime, mint, and rum.  Ahh yes, mes amis, but how do we make it French?  By using a delicate elderflower liqueur called St. Germain.  Alert the authorities!  Alert everyone!  The secret is out!  🙂

St. Germain

This wonderful elderflower liqueur called St. Germain is one of my favorite drink mixers.  The elderflower is a small, white flower that blooms in the spring and summer and is used in many European foods and drinks.  In the U.S., I have only seen it in this liqueur.  St. Germain is a French company, and the methods used to make it are still artisanal – flowers gathered in the alps, bicycled (yes!) to the store room where the flavors of the blooms are gently extracted.  The rest of their process is truly a secret!

French Mojito

St. Germain is slightly sweet with its mild floral flavor and compliments martinis, margaritas, and mojitos very well.  I use it to tone down a tart pear martini or a lime margarita.  A traditional mojito would use sugar or simple syrup and club soda along with the lime, mint, and rum.  But using St. Germain as the sweetener instead produces a divine, subtle, floral, and so very French variation!  Perfect for our p.s. bonjour crowd, don’t you think?

French Mojito
Luckily, we have all the ingredients from our Summertime Drink Popup Bar on hand.  And this is just another reason to grow a kitchen herb garden with at least one mint plant!  Add in beautifully etched glassware from the talented Leandra Drumm, and we are ready to create our cocktail.


2 parts Rum
1 part St Germain
La Croix Lime – or sparkling water or club soda; I like the extra hit of lime flavor from the La Croix
small bunch mint leaves
half a lime, quartered


Place lime, mint, and St Germaine in the glass.  Muddle together with a muddler or long spoon handle.  Add cubed or crushed ice.  Pour rum over the ice.  Top with La Croix.  Stir.  Garnish with a slice of lime and sprig of mint.

French Mojito

Enjoy your French Mojito!  Et voila!

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