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Hi, friends. p.s. bonjour has been traveling and busy with life! I’ve missed you. Today I’m trying to get back in the swing of things and knew I had/have a lot to do but also like Monday morning yoga class. I was debating on whether or not to attend when a friend of mine texted and said “let’s go!”. Everything else can wait. Me and my health need to take first priority. And I was so glad I went (as I always am). The message was to Live Large.

We practiced poses that used all our available space and then some. We used the wall for support so we could feel fully supported as we reached our limits. We breathed and moved and sweated through the class and happily expanded our consciousness as well. Teacher, Jolynn, closed with an awesome manifesto too good not to share – from Jennifer Lyn King, who wrote a New Year’s Resolution of sorts in 2012. But it still holds true and is a perfect collection of mantras to inspire. Blessings to you and yours as we move from a luscious spring into a glorious summer (I hope in Ohio at least)!

Life is beautiful.

You are most beautiful when you do the things you love.
Embrace them.
Do what you love and do it often.
Read. Grow. Learn.
Let the road you travel help you find what you love most.


Keep your eyes open to see the beauty along the way.
Open your eyes and see the good in others.
Open your mouth to speak words of kindness.
Open your mind to new things.


Never stop becoming your very best self.
Put your heart into what you do.
Savor time with loved ones.
Invest in friends.


Travel often.
When you feel short on time, unplug.
Dream big.
Sing loud.


Laugh hard.
The world needs your contribution.
Create things of beauty.
Your creations will help others to see the beauty in the world.
Give and share freely.


Time fades too quickly, enjoy each day.
Life’s greatest joys most often come in the small moments.
Catch the joy as it flies.
Dig deep.
Say thanks.


AUTHOR: Jennifer Lyn King

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