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Musician’s Getaway in East Nashville

I am on my way to Nashville again, and I booked my stay in an Airbnb!  And that’s reminding me of this cute bungalow I rented on a previous visit.  When I started exploring options for lodging to attend a conference in Nashville, I quickly realized I couldn’t afford to be downtown, nor did I really want to be amidst all the action. Because I am a huge fan of Airbnb, I decided to take the opportunity to explore the surrounding neighborhoods and came upon this darling cottage in East Nashville.  I was unfamiliar with the location as I am still learning Nashville neighborhoods, but I decided to take a chance and book it.

I spoke with some friends who had lived in Nashville and started to learn a little more about this up and coming neighborhood.  They shared that, like most of Nashville, it has been going through a re-birth of sorts and contains a mix of old, new, and renovated homes.  The location is close to downtown and the area is booming with new business.  But let’s talk about this house!  Just like with other Airbnb experiences, the first step is figuring out the check in process, and for this bungalow it was easy with a lockbox (with code and key) attached.  My communications with the owner were clear and upon arrival, I was pleasantly greeted with this beautiful space.


From the moment you walk into the house from the backdoor you are greeted with a very open kitchen/living with gorgeous granite countertops and modern appliances juxtaposed with beautiful old antiques and treasures.

The thoroughly modern kitchen was perfect for eating in.

This stately piece steals my breath away!

The table easily seats 6, perfect to invite your Nashville friends over to your “home away from home” for dinner.

An old radio adds warmth and history to this historic home.

I couldn’t agree more! 🙂


The light linens, filmy curtains, and dark furniture of the bedroom drew me in and made for a restful sleep.

These linens are feminine and cozy.

The warm woods of the furniture around the bed evens out the energy with a masculine touch.

Decorating with found objects, like this old film projector, adds character and history to a home.


This owner is clearly a green thumb, with plants showing up in every room. It made the house feel alive and fresh with life.

Living and Music Room

The historic charm continues through this house into the living and music rooms, connected by a stylish French door. The music room can be used as another sleeping area for more guests.

As a musician, I welcomed having a piano to practice while out of town. Where else can you do that?!

This gorgeous sconce stole my breath away with its hint of sparkling glam complementing this warm home.

Curb Appeal

As a plant lover, it’s clear this owner likes green – what a perfect shade to paint the exterior! The bright yellow front door and sitting porch made for cheery mornings with my coffee.

This concludes our tour of this quaint home – I will be back! 🙂

The Airbnb Experience

What I love about Airbnb is feeling like you’re part of the community.  It’s a chance to explore a new city/neighborhood and be in a “home away from home”.  You are a local resident, if only for short time, and can experience the area like a local.  If you need a full-service concierge, then it probably isn’t right for you.  But most homeowners leave detailed recommendations and area guides that can be more valuable than a concierge at a hotel (who is often recommending establishments with whom the hotel does business).  And the cost of an Airbnb is often less than a hotel, particularly if you share the experience with someone else.  If you’d like to try it, here’s a $40 Airbnb travel credit, just for signing up.  And once you signup, let me know if you book this East Nashville Musician’s Cottage!

Have you stayed in an Airbnb in Nashville or elsewhere?  I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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