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Summertime Drink Popup Bar

Summertime Drink Popup Bar

It seems right now that popups are everywhere – popup shops, restaurants, and more.  A popup is basically a temporary location for the company or idea to setup shop that might be because the owner doesn’t want to manage a consistent location, wants to try out a new location, or just wants to test a business concept.  I like the idea of popups because I get to try new food/drinks or shop for items I might not otherwise have found.

So why not take that idea and make a “summertime drink popup bar”!  My popup bar will be for a few types of similar drinks.  In the summertime, I tend to gravitate towards summery drinks, like a Pimm’s Cup, Moscow (or Bourbon) Mule, Dark and Stormy, or Mojito!  Hmm, I see a theme – these all have mint and/or lime, ice, some alcohol and a mixer.  My popup bar will be in place as long as I like it or maybe through the summer, who knows!  You could also just set it up for a specific party or some other drink theme you like – how about July 4 or Cinco de Mayo!

Now what will I use for the actual bar?  I love the idea of finding an old tea cart or library/rolling cart.  I have seen several at markets this summer from vendors like City Salvage, ampersandcle, and the Gallery Tremont.  Or how about using an old chest or nightstand you might find at a thrift store.  I have a metal baker’s rack that I’ve used for plants and other collections.  I think that will be a fine stand for my popup bar.  Ok, it’s time to stock it!

Summertime Drink Popup Bar


I’ve outfitted my bar with glassware for the drinks I am focused on.  Moscow Mule is served in copper mugs (love these!).  Mojitos and Dark ‘n Stormy I like to serve in a tall pilsner or highball glass.  I pulled a few from our Leandra Drum collection and a few Hawaiian girl glasses.  For Pimm’s I use a stemmed water or wine glass.  I found the great Canada Dry box at Metheny Weir.  It’s the perfect place to store the glassware!

DSC01413 - Version 2


For my drink choices I need white rum, black rum, Pimm’s, vodka, St Germaine and bourbon.  You could certainly do a non-alcoholic popup bar as well.  How about a lemonade bar with different types of lemonades or flavor syrups to mix in?  How about a coffee bar with different coffees, syrups, cinnamon/chocolate to add?

Summertime Drink Popup Bar


I use La Croix in Mojitos, Gosling’s Ginger Beer in Moscow/Bourbon/Dark’n Stormy and 7Up in Pimm’s.  Add a few of these to your bar and re-stock as needed.

Summertime Drink Popup Bar


I just love this word! …ok, I could have just said garnish 🙂  I can set out limes and ideally a mint plant for the summer (if it’s just for the day, sprigs of mint will be fine).  My mint plant is currently on my deck growing like crazy!  I also set out fresh ice and other fresh fruit from the fridge as needed or right before a party.  For a lemonade or iced tea bar, you could add fresh fruit – peaches, raspberries, strawberries as well as herbs like mint or basil!

Summertime Drink Popup Bar

And finally, we just need a knife (to chop garnish), an ice bucket, and a cocktail shaker.  Let the mixing and sipping begin.

À votre santé!

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