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Summertime Mantel Decor

They say that August is the Sunday of summer and boy am I sure feeling that this year. And I might even say that August is Sunday morning and September is Sunday night, ha! Summer usually comes a little late in Ohio and this year was no different, including rainfall until the end of June really. What that means is that summer feels like it’s in full swing right now and not ending anytime soon. I pretty much love all things fall but given 75F days versus rain, I will take the sunny day. And what that means is that I usually have my fall decorations, my Christmas decorations up all later than everyone else.

And while I’ve already started thinking about the holidays (a little earlier this year), I am just not ready to give up summer. So here you go, pictures of my fireplace mantel all decked out for summer still. What I’d like to do this year is gradually incorporate fall items so we gently move into the season. I’ll let you know how it all goes. 🙂

I always love the simplicity of the old bottles, particularly those with light blue coloring. I’ve amassed a little collection I can’t help but share when I think of the sea.

Photo Jul 29, 5 11 30 PM

Photo Jul 31, 9 54 45 AM

Photo Jul 31, 10 07 34 AM

But I couldn’t stop there. Nothing says summer like a few beach scenes with collected driftwood, a wrought iron bird statuary, and a sign hand painted on old barnwood.
Photo Jul 31, 9 49 42 AM

Photo Jul 31, 9 50 09 AM

Photo Jul 31, 9 50 52 AM

My mantle was complete when I added a little Deauville bathing beauty figurine swimming towards the bottles – I acquired the figurine on our trip to Normandy France earlier this year.
Photo Jul 29, 11 41 47 AM (1)
Above the fireplace I found the cutest mirror shaped like a porthole at my local Goodwill, the perfect accessory to cap off the fireplace. And any summer scene is not complete without my set of well worn oars all ready to grab when it’s time for a little boating.
Photo Jul 31, 9 53 09 AM (1)
Photo Jul 31, 9 59 28 AM
I found the wine barrel stave made into a tealight holder in Niagara wine country. Instead of lighting a fire on hot summer nights, a little twinkle of candlelight adds a nice ambiance. And the vintage wicker wine bottle is a treasure I also purchased in France.
Photo Jul 31, 10 09 16 AM
Photo Jul 31, 10 08 40 AM
I promise I will move into fall but not before I enjoy the last rays of sunshine and the last moments of my Sunday of summer. 🙂

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  • Sandra Deschambault

    Love your glass bottles, very beachy and summer”ish”
    In the full mantle photo I didn’t see where you’d the placed the swimming figurine. Was she there? She’s adorable! My mother in law had a pair, male and female in early 1940 ish swimwear. .. fabulous!

    September 2, 2015 at 9:11 pm Reply
    • Hope

      She’s there below the Beach sign pictures – on the mantel, she’s to the right. I think she’s so cute and there are lots of variations! Thanks for the comments! I’d like to see your mother-in-law’s figurines. 🙂

      September 8, 2015 at 2:29 pm Reply

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