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12 Days of Projects – Day 4 Holiday Wreath

We are now on Day 4 of my 12 Days of Projects to celebrate Thanksgiving and get ready for Christmas. By 4 can I say I’m on a “roll”, ha! I don’t know, but I’m having a good time and looking forward to sharing more ideas with you. Check out the first 3 days: Chalkboard Window, DIY Mercury Glass, Holiday Banner. And now, on to Day 4…

I have friends and relatives who truly excel at the art of flower arranging and take it to another level. But I have some ideas for wreaths and decided to give it a go for Christmas this year. There are so many fun variations of wreaths – you could use ornaments, grapevine wreath, fabric. I chose to use good ‘ol fake greenery (I also LOVE real greenery!) and add some embellishments. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • wreath forms – I got these from Walmart, the basic evergreen wreath and tacked two together to get more fullness
  • picks and embellishments – I used some ornaments, bows, and picks (always wondered why they are called this and I guess the etymology is around picking flowers as they are essentially pieces/parts of flowers and plants)
  • floral wire or twist ties

Now for the so simple instructions! Decide on your layout and design. Begin attaching picks and embellishments in a layered manner if you want some pieces to overlap each other. For example, I wanted to use green leaves to give the evergreen some depth, so I attached all of those first and then attached the embellishments, bow, and ornaments last.
Photo Nov 18, 12 54 44 PM
Photo Nov 18, 12 56 07 PM

Some ornaments and picks will be on wire stems and you can just use this to attach to the wreath or the floral wire. I even found some attached to little clips so you can easily clip onto the evergreen stems in your wreath.
Photo Nov 18, 12 58 08 PM
Photo Nov 18, 12 59 46 PM
Photo Nov 18, 12 57 37 PM

If you want to mix in some live foliage, you can really create a beautiful wreath. You just have to be aware and either remove it at the end of the season or live with a sad, half-dead wreath the next year. 🙁 But what’s also super fantastic about these wreaths is that you can start over very simply or change out the design every year!

Have fun – happy creating!

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