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5 Fun and Simple Ideas for Fall Decor

I’m sure every other person out there is already on Christmas decorations, but I always feel like fall and Thanksgiving don’t get proper attention. Plus, I’m a bit of a procrastinator so I don’t always get my decorating done until after the season has started! 😉 So here we go…

This year I just want to keep things simple so I can quickly swap out for Christmas. And to be honest, I’m just really loving all the natural elements out there these days.

1. Make an easy paper garland

I first made this on a 12 Days of Projects kick I was on a few years ago. And it’s so easy and versatile – you can use different colored paper, twine, spell something else, make it bigger/smaller, embellish with rhinestones or other ephemera, and so on. But remember, I’m going easy this year so I’m leaving as is and putting on my “Polish clock” or at least that’s what my Italian cousins call this repurposed spool clock I got from

Chalkboard art

Chalkboard art in the wild 🙂

2. Make some chalkboard art

If you don’t have a chalkboard in some form in your home at this point, what are you waiting for? LOL. Nah, it’s just fun to have a sign for sharing seasonal quotes or chalk art. My husband had done a beautiful summer sign but an easy switch to fall or autumn decorating is just swapping for these words! Aren’t there so many wonderful quotes about autumn? It is the most beautiful season and another thought I had was you could string fairy lights on the sign or embellish with leaves or pinecone garlands. But I’m keeping simple above my kitchen tiered tray.

3. Display an autumn collection

You guys, I have a serious pumpkin addiction. I’ve been collecting glass and pottery pumpkins for awhile and received several as gifts! Every year I wonder what to do with them all and how to display best. I usually have them mixed into other decor throughout the house. But this year I decided to group them all on the dining room table in this antique tulip crate I picked up awhile ago. Maybe you collect wooden acorns or porcelain leaves or salt and pepper shakers. Whatever the collection, it’s fun to display en masse sometimes!

4. Bring those hydrangeas in

This year the hydrangeas in Ohio are SO freaking beautiful! I only have 2 bushes of limelight hydrangeas that aren’t very old. But they yielded a lot of flowers this year! And you bet I’m harvesting them every which way I can. I already brought some in a few weeks ago and they are drying nicely. I lovely displaying them in any kind of pitcher or container I have, especially a vintage French enamel coffee pot, pitcher, or market basket! Skip the water and the blossoms will gently dry as they age – what other flower does that?! So pretty. 🙂

5. Bring the pumpkins in!

I already talked about glass pumpkins and collections and hydrangeas. But what about good old fresh pumpkins! or gourds or acorns or… I love the small pumpkins and seem to always have an abundance around that I love to scatter around the house. Anything that I can return to the earth at the end of the season is a good and easy DIY decorating idea in my opinion! Check out my all natural baby pumpkin (aka putka pod) wreath, if you want to put some natural elements together.

Enjoy the season you all! If you have an easy DIY idea for fall decor, I’d love to hear it. Leave me a comment and let’s chat. 🙂

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